If you have a big-enough computer screen and want to look through a house plan book, you can download a house plans book in PDF format for free from houseplangallery.com (link below). The book contains the same plans they have on the website and an overview of what their sets of plans includes and some buying tips at the end of the book.

To get the book you have to give them your email address, and they will send you regular tips and sales emails, but you can unsubscribe at any times, if you don't like the emails anymore. (The link to unsubscribe is at the bottom of every email they send you).

Here is the link to the download: http://houseplangallery.com/planbook. The download is 27mb.



03/05/2008 16:17

To all. We are launching a site that will offer free green home plans to eveveryone. To find out more about lanuch, learn about our unique business model, and be the first to get the FreeGreen plans please see our Pre-Launch Sign Up Site at www.FreeGreen.com. We are looking to lanuch in April.

04/07/2009 06:42

We have just launched a website called FreeHousePlans.us
There is currently over 200 very normal homes available to search from. There will be more than 500 house plans total going up and more will continue to follow. Fully licensed, fully documented free house plans - a small processing fee to personalize the plans for you.


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